Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, June 23

We plan to attend
this obviously terrific event, as we will be in
Berkeley for most of July.
Hope to see you there!

The New Brutalism presents

The East Bay?s Finest Burlesque! Music! Poetry! Sex Dolls!

Featuring a playlet a la Loretta Lynn by Del Ray Cross; The Cherries play country music, with
Maraschino, Bing, and Wild (Mary Burger, Tanya Brolaski, and Brian Bulkowski); a Psychiatric Farce
in Verse by Julia Bloch and Zoe Ullman; Judith Goldman performing poetry and 70?s rock; Rodney
Koeneke and Lesley Poirier read Sapphic fragments and mix noise music; a play by Brent Cunningham
and Cynthia Sailers about a poet who orders sex dolls, including Taylor Brady as the Nemesis Poet;
Kevin Killian as Nico and Geoffrey Dyer as Lou Reed playing ?I?ll be Your Mirror? and ?Femme
Fatale?; a Vaudevillian song and dance number by K. Silem Mohammad entitled ?Myrtle Poe,? starring
Patrick Durgin and Jen Hofer. Comedic interludes and hosting by the inimitable Sean Finney!

"Ludicrous...perverse" -Robert Pinsky

Sunday, July 18th
7-9 PM
at 21 Grand
449 B 23rd St., Oakland
(between Broadway and Telegraph)
$5 cover