Distribution Automatique

Friday, June 25

notebook: 8/9/87

Exerience only apparently repeats itself. Because this is one
of the most comforting illusions of all, that it does,
we can so easily forget how fortunate we were that things
came together they way they did. No doubt fate did this,
but it also took a tremendous effort of will- or so it seemed-
not to throw it all in the air, moments before, in total


Deciding is always the hardest part of any action.


Heraclitus, Fragment 125: "The fairest order in the world is a
heap of random sweepings."


Light hurts the eyes in a gloomy age.


Dexterity replaces depth now because complexity demands speed
rather than closeness of fit. As a result thee are more pleasures
and pain is deep but swift.


The pathos of life lies in the disparity between the specific
thing we are focussed on and the fact of life itself.


Tristan Tzara: "Look at the clock which becomes language."


Poetry: A language without a homeland.