Distribution Automatique

Sunday, June 20

notebook: 11/1/90

1. I am a world. For this I pay a price.
The feeling of separation.

2. In my world there are cloudy days
no one can see. When I describe them
others may connect with cloudy days in their
worlds. But they are not seeing this cloudy
day in my world.

3. The indifference of others to my cloudy
days is signficant. I work to make it more
significant or less significant. But it
doesn't matter. What does it matter?

4. Who will describe the shape of my world?
I will. "To what purpose describing the dust
on a bowl of rose leaves/ I do not know." (Eliot)

5. "Now," I say. "The clouds are passing."
The answer? Silence.

6. I share my excitement. I splash you with it.
I share your exctement. You splash me with it.
Then we return to our separate worlds.

7. There is no continuity in time because
there is no continuity of comprehension.

8. Language is coomprehensible. Reality isn't.

9. We cannot understand reality because
most of it is unknown.

10. "The world was created out of nothing.
But the nothingness shows through." (Valery)

11. Literature is what is interesting to tell.
Philosophy is what is acccurate to tell. Philosophy
is not popular. Literature is not truthful.

12. Ecstacy- a moment. Beauty- a moment.
Harmony- a moment. Truth telling- a moment.
Understanding- a moment. Expressing- a moment.
Manifestation- a moment. Remembering- a moment.
Forgetting- a moment.