Distribution Automatique

Sunday, June 6

Notes scribbled at the Dieter Roth show
at MOMA and PS 1, Queens (through June 7)
and Lee Lozano at PS 1
(January 22- September 13, 2004)

Never "propose" a work

Work is doing. All thinking is play.

"Tear it up and start all over again"

A poet who "does" visual work:

Connections are fortuitous. Things
want to, tend to be left alone.


Afterthought- best thought.

Notebook: taking yourself too seriously.
Comedians brilliant at hiding their

The artist's work wants to become
a replica of him or herself.
Dieter Roth's (double) self-portraits.

Choose the proper distance from
everything and everyone.

Thought slides out: or nothing

It's surprising how few words you
need to understand a language-
if you need or want to.

Artist: don't let them stop you
& make a living.

History forces you to remember.
Sometimes this is good. But love
has the best kind of memory.

When attraction fades, things
fall away.

Eclipsed, some one stumbled
across you in the dark. These
are frequently the best kinds
of meetings.

Careless forms of ordering.

Let yourself be at least
a tiny bit disoriented.
You find things out better
this way.

Fascination results from the
proper distance- comraderie
between the living and the dead.

Until you allow yourself to
evaporate (disappear) you will not feel
(be?) loved.

Science fiction of photographed
machines and objects.

Life: too much "pulling rank."
People's power trips make
everyone miserable (power/authority).

Graffiti in MOMA men's room:
"you think you're so ambiguous"

Lee Lozano (circa: 1968-1972)
"All weapons are boomerangs"

The other day googled
"spell suspicion" and (happily)
got this:

-from The Main Page {click here}

"This is kind of upsetting to me, especially because I've always lived with the niggling suspicion that I can't spell suspicion."