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Sunday, June 6

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for June 6, 2004

xzentrick libretti {click here}

incertain plume {click here}

A Private Studio {click here}

fin ripple formica {click here}

Flowers That Glide {click here}

OKIR {click here}

As/Is 2 {click here}

the poetry society of america {click here}

Never Mind The Beasts {click here}

Daniel Nester's Unpleasant Event {click here}

nonlinear poetry {click here}

Brand New Insects {click here}

The Jim Behrle Show {click here}

The Wily Filipino {click here}

solipsistic {click here}

Blogging Blog {click here}

Watermark Links {click here}

Watermark {click here}

Ruby Street {click here}

Maximum Go In The Resulting Hogshead {click here}

Whirling Meat For You {click here}

The Blog of Disquiet {click here}

UB Poetry Workshop {click here}

g r a p e z {click here}

this journal blug {click here}

pelican dreaming {click here}

Really Bad Movies {click here}

flingdump scattershot {click here}


other recent (((fait accompli))) (((bloglink crush lists))) {click here}

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check out the link lists of the
above blogs, in particular: Pseudopodium Loglist {click here}


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Ivy is here {click here}

harry k. stammer {click here}


jgarverHay(na)ku {click here}

Postmodern Collage Poetry {click here}

mark young's series magritte {click here}

david prater::whatever {click here}