Distribution Automatique

Thursday, June 10

notebook: circa, 1986

My Summer Vacation

left justified
right margin
infinitesimal. This mal
so as to reverse
valorize the social and foreground the
responsibilities...but to continue
this way without a nexus
force draft
an intellectual binding

Twenty-five or thirty
appeared each time
take notice: the event
determines all subsequent events
but this entails no
These people are not
laughing because their
is les and les space
for the...

Yet it urv could appeal
no longer right. Certainly
voices, sun, sea, every
conceivable satisfaction.
This concept is Farm
Sea Nearness Friendshiop

Barnacles employ.
Near the doubt
Step and slap
Quadruple appearances,
Cards (ocean, n.b.)
Sensible decision. Unearth
The doubt

Previous prophecies
Pur in. Mistakes
Guarentee access
To human. Church
Requisites invisible distrust.
Privacy breeds complaint.
Portions of predictable piracy
Purify pretense to predicate
Possible places put previous
To poetry's pjenhold poetics, c.f.:

"Poetry is purchased
at the price of previous poetics."
Translation: the reverse
out of metaphor is memory's implied
gymnastics. Turn makes time.
Sun glimpses down on paired
aesthetics. The cost
of the sea is added
to the humourous intent
of bankruptcy. This
is the delirious serious,
which is twice a sfunny.
Given the series
of sequences bought
at the market of vallejo's
destiny. My Valley gir.

Plumb it, posey.
Pay the unfortunate
title a turn to the
fragments of red hills,
the limey's broad
circuitry, the barren
wasteland's sequestered

What was first? Hellay
Hairport, fixture's
turning, wood carpentry,
a long climb down a
short hill (carport).
Welcome: a confusion
of salle de ruminants.
Priciplay. Fum-de-dum-dum.
Mishysterious. Biu drsd jptr.
by yjr v;off jpidr/.
O eo;; s;esud tr, r, nrt y jsy
oy esd y jrtr y sy o gr; y jrtr
smf v;odrdy yop upi, but even
this is not what I meant
to say. Put simply,
er es; lrf i1/2 s jo;; smf fpem
s jo;; (up hill and down hill)
tr, ember that. Tmrmbrt dyjsy
yjdr , odyslrd (remember that
these errors of jarticular deviance)
er mpypm;u 1/2itvjsdrf sy j jr
1/2 ovr pg r , 1/2 yu vpmy rmy (re, e, ber
that this was not only proiced
at invisible content) n iy s; dp
yp trdvir y jur r , proyopmd (but
also to salvage whatever feeling)
tr, somd bodon; r mdofr y jr'
eptfde (whaever is left
to words).
Still, come with me
(dyo;;. vp, r eyoj, r).
so that we can view
together (dpysy er vsm dyo;;
drr) something together (dpo, r y jomh yphryjrt)