Distribution Automatique

Monday, April 5

Notebook: 4/1/88

The lustre of
something new.

The reader
brings something
dead to life.
For me,
learning to read
got connected to
particularly thoughts
about mummies,
pyramids, and
most of all,
ancient hieroglyphic

I'm able to glance
through such books
as Bridges to
Infinity or Playing
and Reality by
Winnicott by
realizing the entire
span of thought of
one person is
just as much
an example of a
kind of unravelling.

Reality is like
a suit of clothes
or a dress hanging
in a closet. It
tends to sustain
itself much longer
than it keeps
its lustre, therefore
giving dissolution
a measure of

The universe ages
gracefully and
stormily, just
like the individual.

[B hated
paper with lines-
which I love-
because it remnded
her that her
mother was not
"straight" with her
in some way.]