Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, April 7

Notebook: 3-30-88

Energy a kind of
therefore matter
a kind of information.


Musician in
subway is ragged
and pathetic. Gradually
he draws an impressive
crowd- and is
surrounded by an air
of serene confidence.


To give things a
name is to personify
them to some degree,
because we call
persons by names,
which also tends to
rob- in our perceptions
of them- persons
of their thingness.

But an identity is
something that has
thingnesss but is not
a thing

Because they are so familiar
to me the Catskill mountains are
just mountains.
It is a place to
be in the mountains
as much as it is
a place in the mountains (that has
its "own" locale-
and character.)

Why am I so
reisistant to the
specificity of place?
I easily get lost.
Do I like it?


The emphasis
this year
should be *flow.* Flow
over *particularity*.