Distribution Automatique

Sunday, February 15

Still sorting books, selling books, giving them
away-friends are starting to come by to look
at the free box. Last night couldn't sleep-
got up and read Gill Ott's *Public Domain*
(Potes and Poets Press, 1989). I was moved
by what a beautiful and fascinating book it is,
child of the high era of L=A poetry, it stands
as one of the most insightful and rereadable
books of prose poetry
of the era. I went to sleep very sad that I did
not get to know Gill Ott better. The same for Joe
Ceravolo, Daniel Davidson, Ramez Quereshi,
and also Frank Kuenstler,
who one day a few years I tried to track
down through a close friend of his, only to discover
his memorial was slated for that day. Not to
speak of my forgotten ticket to Stephen Spender's
last reading in this country.