Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, February 17

from an interview with Peter Riley
conducted by Kevin Corcoran
pubished in Reality Studios
Volume 8
edited by Ken Edwards, 1986

"Ken Corcoran: so where does politics come in? You
suggest in *LInes on the Liver* that oil is using us, but
surely that's power, somebody owns that oil...Petrol
is cheap in North America. Look at the Middle East. They've
got Marines over there and 200 of them have been blown
up this morning. They're human decisions. I don't understand
your geo-economic metaphysics or something."

"Peter Riley: It's the people manipulating the oil who
are being used by it, "us" in the sense not only that they
are human but that they exert economic pressure on
everybody else. They want to be used by the oil, and it's
because of their mindlessness and advantage that humanity
is degraded to the mere tool of a geophysical energy source.
The situation with nuclear power is exactly similar: we become
victims of it because powermongers see advantage in it (and by
victims I don't mean the big bang, I mean the constant tension)
and use it against morality. But all I can see is vast institutions full
of people running around and destroying themselves beause that's
what nuclear fission wants them to do- they turn themselves into
channels for its emergence. So mankind subserves the power of
the earth..."