Distribution Automatique

Friday, February 20

Notebook: 8/7/89

The social space a harmonization of the
universal cacaphony of thoughts.

Experience, from birth to death, an endless
welter of images. On the one side (so
little time to choose- not quantitatively- but
because frustration relentlessly pushes forward,
wheel scrapes against sand, head against chair-)
Scylla bends forward, beckoning, laughter,
taunting, hurry, hurry- Charybdis falls back,
deep, racking, rolling, hyterical laughter-

Social document- laws, inscriiptions in stone.

Paradyme shift of latitudes in mind space
cause social longitudes to turn to representation of mental
attitudes to redetermine (reinvent, realert) the social

Social as superego- John Phillip Sousa
but also Bob Dylan

The muted trombone represents a social situation-
a memory- something about
ice tea and smiling and talking bashfully on the
verandah. Wasn't that song *terrific*? Tommy Dorsey on "Sleepy Laguna"