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Sunday, February 8

Politicians Sounding Like A Broken Record?
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A midnight menagerie on
Moonshine Highways (Amy Bernier} {click here}

"A case for hallucinogens: writing poetry."
Right now on Process Documents (Ryan Fitzpatrick) {click here}

Score 19 is Out {click here}
edited by Crag Hill.

"that stressy nutty feeling of fingernails running down your psyche."
Nada Gordon (ululations) {click here}
riffs on her own reading, and that of two others, at Bluestockings

An important small press conference in Ithaca, New York
discussed in detail by Josh Corey (Cahiers de Corey){click here}

"The apartheid might have legally ended, but for
as many as 90% of the women of Afghanistan,
these "reforms" — such as the setting up of a
women's ministry in Kabul — are little more than a technicality."
Looking for true political sensitivity? Check out
Froth (Marianne Shaneen {click here}