Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, February 11

notebook: 8/1/86

As long as you live
You can wait for your chance
The unwritten poem exists
Like an imagined dance


notebook: 10/3/83

in the event of solitude
after a time of waiting
purer tones will follow

the precise hour
is vague
the time of collection
after a pure stop

place things back
put them in order
collect your thoughts
organize your time

disrupt the interval
bend time to follow
circle facts
with varied tones

in the surest interval
repetition is foregrounded
mostly by memory
this is precisely matched
to bring the shrill tones
to a halt

is not a
the release
is more than
the subtotal

characteristic in cities
is the primary concentration of value
what remains is more than
the simple dictation of virtues

to release what is there
it is insufficient to let go
or the secondary resonance
will occur out of phase