Distribution Automatique

Friday, February 13

Notebook: 5/16/88

[scribbled on a mimeographed agency memo
"Training Reaction Form" dated May 16, 1988;
i.e., "The purpose of the training was clear-
strongly agree, agree, don't know, disagree,
strongly disagree, etc]

Story with *bureaucratic* atmosphere.

Bells, loudspeaker announcements,
*all the accoutrements*-

Wonderful example: *loudspeaker going
while speaker is speaker*

*all such* "contradictions"

qualities which press me
*against* bureaucracy

Rooms w/chipped paint-
odd colors- pink

Collage (old peeling off wall)
plastic couches
graffitti on walls

filthy bathrooms
sounds of a toilet running & running

phone ringing & ringing