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Sunday, January 18

This Week in Blogland

Sunday, January 18

Is this your lucky day?
Professor Wiseman's guide to good luck- BBC News {click here}
via Caterina {click here}

Who strikes me as a lucky person.
Did you know that Caterina started blogging when
she was recovering from an illness- and now gets
2000 hits a day on her blog?
That she is an artist and lives in Vancouver?

from Equanimity (Jordan Davis) (click here}
Saturday, January 17:
"Since this is the undercurrent of pain and envy that
drives so much of poetry culture, it's almost a relief
to have it out in the open. Almost."
Friday, January 16
(solipsis)//:phaneroemikon (Lanny Quarles) {click here}
opines on narcissism and
publishes a poem by tex files (Chris Murray) {click here}
who names Word Placements (Clayton A.Couch) {click here} the texfiles poet of the week!
Thursday, January 15
Savoradin.com {click here}
tells about 12 blogs he would take with him to a desert island (many of them new to us)
and *fait accompli* makes the cut! Thanks Tonio!

Wednesday, January 14
ululations (Nada Gordon's) {click here} 40th birthday

Tuesday, January 13
Overlap (Drew Gardner) {click here} reports on
art in Washington, D.C.

Monday, January 12
Bellona Times (Ray Davis) {click here} passes on some thoughts by Lawrence L. White regarding Yvor Winters on Yeats:
"Yeah, Yeats is a dope. You know what? Poetry is dopey.
Getting up in front of everyone (even if behind the screen
of the printed page) & singing w/out music is at the least an
unusual gesture. I'd go as far as call it preposterous. Certainly
one should never risk the resulting social censure w/out the excuse
of drunkenness or misanthropy."
More:God In The Machine {click here}
Looking for "Blogging and Narcissism"? Click Here and Scroll down to
Sunday, January 11...