Distribution Automatique

Saturday, January 24

Deja Vu Dep't

Just now I went into my Site Meter (what
else is new?) and saw an unusual link,
checked it out and found out it went to a blog called
Visions of Johanna {click here}
whose most recent link is about the birth of her baby!
For a second I wondered if Johanna Rauhala had brought
back her blog with its earliest name (if you remember
she changed it to *Rutabaga* before retiring it
some months back.) But this is someone who
started her blog this past September and who
signs off with the name Suze.
Welcome, *Visions of Johanna*
and thanks for the link!

Hmmm....Maybe it's getting to be
time for a new (((((fait)))))(((((accompli))))
((((((HOT)))))((((((BLOG))))) list. Tomorrow
is one of those quiet days in Blogland,
it's a Sunday....Why not tomorrow?