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Saturday, January 24

In the midst of writing several papers, Josh Corey
opines on anxiety, narcissism and the value of
blogging- and takes issue with some major
academic players!

He writes "This search for community is part of the reason
I feel I must reject the priestly convictions of one
of the commenters on Holmes' original post, Aaron McCollough.
I don't want to reprint it
without his permission, but I think what he says
pathologizes my "paradoxical desires" (for transcending the
system and for being rewarded by the system),
rather than recognizing that this pathology is
a reaction to a paradoxical system. Again, to go
back to Nick Piombino's "Blogging and Narcissism" post,
these are actual social problems that turn into psychological
problems. McCollough's solution seems to be that one
should accept one's role as unacknowledged legislator
and opt out of the system entirely...."

While Cahiers de Corey (Josh Corey) {click here}
is finishing his paper for class,
you have a small window of time to catch up
on this interesting discussion, before Josh's next post,
which may take you elsewhere...

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