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Tuesday, November 18

Not long ago, when I was interviewd by Lewis
LaCook for the online magazine Sidereality {click here}
I mentioned my feeling that:
Just as the internet brought more
speed and simultaneity into the
scientific community, blogging is
capable of bringing many more
communicative and social aspects
into the writing community. However,
as in all attempts to bring community
into artistic life, it will be countered
by the drive for commercial applications
and the drive for individual dominance.

Today, on a French blog that I recently learned about-
Media TIC {click here}
I discovered that this may be happening
sooner that I expected. Media TIC
linked to an article in
Gigaom {click here}
and reported the following:

mediaTIC - actualite du blog et des blogs

17 novembre 2003
Rumeurs de développement
dans la blogosphère américaine
Cet article For venture capitalists,
Blogging is the Next New Thing
fait le point sur quelques rumeurs
saignantes concernant l' "eldorado"
économique des blogs
aux Etats-Unis et le marché des
affaires autour de ceux-ci.
David Sifry recevrait quelques
fonds pour développer son
indice de popularité Technorati
qui a pris une importance
considérable dans la blogosphère
par le nombre de weblogs sondés :
plus de 1,2 millions !
Le moteur de recherche de
fils RSS Feedster verrait aussi
arriver quelques investisseurs...
Le RSS, une activité plein d'avenir !
Il se murmure aussi que le co-fondateur
de Red Herring Magazine, Chris Alden
travaillerait sur un projet d'annuaire
de blogs combinant une
publication en ligne...
Il suffit désormais d'attendre
pour voir ce qui sera
ou ce qui ne sera pas ;-)  
JLR -- 23:44

Media TIC is saying that it
remains to be seen whether
or not these discussions
about investing in the
blogosphere will actually
take place. But he does point
out David Sifrey's
Technorati {click here}
site which is very comprehensive
in following
1.2 million blogs, and that Sifrey has
been receiving funds to develop
this site
(we've previously
reported on this
development ). He also mentions
the RSS Feedster site. The article linked
to above (in English) tells more about
this (alarming) trend. He also mentions
the possible development of a
blog directory, a project to be
combined with a print publication
by Chris Alden, the co-founder of
"Red Herring."