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Friday, November 21


Copy World



I don't know the formula
for the ascertainments
I need to make. If I
could put the plan on hold
I probably wouldn't want to.
In "Copy World" I know I wouldn't
focus this way. I would
want to. There the infinite replication
and redistribution of data makes it
possible to more closely approach
the ideal of making automatic choices,
of programming choices. In fact,
the mindless failure of consideration
of other people's feelings reveals
a desire to decide things in
advance. It is advantageous,
and very easy in Copy World to
program you choices ahead of
time. Meetings are constantly
required. It is at these
meetings that reality is perceived,
measured, ascertained,
meted out, classified.
Attendence at these meetings
is required to be a
card-holding member of
Copy World. In one
probable reality, the card
is finally equated with the
genetic code. At the
atomic level, replication
of universes is possible,
time is in this probable
reality automatically
reset in a certain partition
of intervals.

During the period of experiencing
a series of coincidences it is
possible to continuously sense the
existence of a completely encapsulated
universe contiguous with
the one we live in. It seems
palpable at times that this
other, or these other parallel
universes also exist
in other, or different, time zones.
There is evidence, in fact,
of an overlapping of time zones.
Theoretically, it seems possible
to either predict the future
by means of access to these
time zones or to return to
the past. By this means
it might be possible to
change paths when it is
advantageous to.

In Copy World, all
things, or very nearly
all things, are replicable.
The physical details of
this have not yet
been ascertained, though
this will continuously
become clearer over time.

The universal tendency
towards replication is
continuously changing the
economic parameters
of civilization. there is,
of course, the danger of
a concomittant
dilution, or even
dissolution. This may be
an aspect of the "reset"
process, the periods
of chaos where reality
seems to let off steam, in
a series of earthquakes, wars,
economic disruptions, revolutions.

Replication and meeting
are interconnected.This is
certainly seen in the sexual
and reproductive cycle. It
seems the "originals" must be
present at the time of
genesis of the copies.


Everything in the world after
coming backward in time is
too loud and too bright.

The flashback story- they
were travelling and working in
a new area- telepathic
softward. They were nearing
a breakthrough but they were
arguing very heavily every day. An
error in the experiment leads to
his disappearance. After a period of
3 years, he is considered dead.
What has actually occurred is that
the experiment had been
successful but only in one

When he gets to the new world,
it is half-virtual and half-
real. Even as he adjusts to one
situation and date it can
change. The characters can be
the same people in different

After a period of anger and depression,
she finally gets back to work.
Immediately she understands there
may be a solution. This
solution involved going
backwards in time, in order to discover
the real root of the situation.
Change 1 right thing &
everything can be changed.

She hadn't really wanted to
do this in such an isolated
place. He insists and this
becomes the reason he is so
hard to find. In the city
there are more coordinate
points. More minds, more
coordinate points. People
are all connnected as in
6 degrees of separation.

Right now she has gotten
him back. This is shown in
a flashback where he appears
in Central Park near the Tennis
Court. Ashbery's *Tennis
Court Oath* comes into it.

Now it is too loud and
too bright.This sutation
encompasses the instability
in the time factor. Everyone is
getting older- travelling in
time together.

(image-people in
different cities all over the world.)

Of course it is incredibly
illegal to time travel from that

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