Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, November 19

was here in
Manhattan to visit on Saturday and met me
at the Bowery Poetry Club {Click Here}.
As on her last
visit here, I saw on her blog that she was
coming to visit, emailed her
and then, when she missed my email,
and I missed her call, left her the
reading info by email and she met us
at the BPC. The last time
she visited, she picked up my email
with a wireless connection on
her laptop here on the
Upper West Side, called me
and I picked up
the message on my answering
machine and reached her on her
cell phone. Let me tell you,
this woman is wired! I had a chance to
introduce her to Toni Simon,
Gary Sullivan,
Nada Gordon, Michael Gottlieb,
Leslie Scalapino, Carla Harryman and others.
We listened to Michael Scharf
and Michael Gottlieb give strong readings.
Afterwards, Caterina had to
go meet with a women's techie blogger
group and Toni and I went to
a book party for Michael Gottlieb's
terrific new Roof Book *Lost and Found*
at James Sherry's loft, which is next
door to the BPC!
Among many other very memorable poems,
Gottlieb read his famous hymn
to those lost at 9/11 *Dust*. There is little
doubt in my mind that if you get it,
you will enjoy and admire this book.
It can be ordered through
Small Press Distribution {click here}
Caterina, come back and visit us again soon.
Just let us know you are coming on your blog
as you usually do!
By the way- at the Bowery Poetry Club right now:
The Art Wall:: Erotic drawings of Howie Michels!!! The Art Wall is open daily M-F from 9am--7pm, S-S 11am-7pm, although sometimes there are rehearsals. You can also see the work at night, but not during performances.