Distribution Automatique

Monday, October 27

"-the way the *potlatch tax* works is that any
writer who uses the word
*potlatch* has to pay the *potlatch tax-"

Buck Downs from *Thread Wreck*

published in Zazil 1- winter 2000-San Diego, California-
agents: Stephen Cope, Joel Kuzai, Bill Marsh, Joe Ross

Guy Bennett, Steve Carll, Norma Cole, Danielle Collobert,
Stephen Cope, Buck Downs, Kris Dykstra, Dan Featherston,
Heather Fuller, Lisa Jarnot, John Lowther, Nancy Gates Madsen,
Douglas Messerli, Mez [Mary-Anne Breeze], Reina Maria Rodriguez,
Rod Smith, Eleni Stcopoulos, Mark Wallace, Bobbie West