Distribution Automatique

Sunday, October 26


Poetry Exam- True or False

1. We will go two by two into the ark.

2. Ted Berrigan encouraged work
outside the New York School.

3. As long as you can still hold a pen,
pencil or scratchy instrument
you are still a writer.

4. Once a writer, always a writer.

5. Writers write mainly to transform themselves.

6. Transformation resonates beyond the
immediate boundaries of the structure
which guides.

7. To judge the merit of some poetry
you must see it mainly in the context
of the poet's overall style.

8. Style is everything.

9. A successful poet is judged by the
excellence of a single poem.

10. The quality of a poem is judged
by the amount of quality poetry the
poet has written.

11. Great poet- 300 great pages.
Good poet- less than 300 great pages.

12. The child's endless delight
in the repeated story is one source
of poetic sustenance.