Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, October 28


What is the next step? It is
to consider the next step, If
you find that the flowers you
gave were untended then tend
for them.

Who cares who you are if you
know what to do. (Like follows
like, as word follows word).


"Like follows like, as word follows

But this is only a question of
lighting. *Only* style?

If you are uncomfortable, this
is itself an accomplishment.

Someone touted some writing I like and I
felt it was no longer mine to like.

The seasoning of self.

"Now I follow you."

They say, "Go forward."

A line at a time, like a step
at a time. As they say, "timing
is everything."

It is said, "timing is everything."


Worth waiting for (cool breeze
on face, quiet, flowers &

Only a few elements.

"Yes, I like it. [I love it, "he
says, (Crossed out).]

Plenty of specifics.

"Stop and figure it out *first*? But
*that's* no fun."

Composed of voices.

"Push yourself" (remembering owing some

Momentum (more memories).

Anything you said, say, will say
has its opposite- which can be said,
even if not true.

Lies exist to be shunned. Their existence
motivates action.

To stop is to shape.

To shape is to see.

To see is to approach.

To approach to say

To say is to hear

To hear to surround

To surround to stay

To stay to know.

To know is to have


To stop is to have.

(This is inside.)

The external is shared but the inside
is covered over, private. It maintains
a privilaged silence. The
world won't provide the scaffolding
but the materials are available and are out

First, a tapping, what does it
represent? Then a warble, what is
this telling? It fades, but the
process is repeated again and again.

The remoteness of some people
is as enlivening as the welcoming
warmth of others. Each contibutes
some ingredient to life's elixir.

Outside a breeze moves among
the branches and the trees. Inside
another flow touches thoughts which
stay and grow but also
vanish inexplicably.

Then something moves and catches
your eye & the thoughts start again.
Until what follows comes, the
duration is an eternity. So clearly
eternity is just as brief as anything.
Time is a hill.