Distribution Automatique

Monday, October 13

Rough Draft for Automatic Irony Software

I had a great time.
Yeah, I had a "great" time too.

She's so cool.
Sure, real "cool."

God, I'm hot.
Yeah, you're "hot."

What a terrific movie.
Right, "terrific."

I like that director a lot.
Yeah, she's a good "director."

Fine acting too.
Yeah, the "acting" was so fine.

What a great class.
Sure, just "great."

She knows a lot about that.
Yeah, she "knows" a "lot" about that.

What do you think it meant?
What do you "think" it "meant"?

I love you.
I "love" you too.

I missed you a lot.
I "missed" you a lot.

See you soon.
Sure, real "soon."

He's a nice guy.
Yeah, what a "nice" guy.

Well, take care.
Well, you "take care" too.