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Tuesday, October 14

Observant Tim Yu made the following point today:

Tuesday, October 14, 2003  

Nick's blogroll is no longer his own; it's the "EPC Blog List", edited by Nick Piombino.
posted by Tim | 5:14 PM

I could see why Tim was concerned. When I was invited to post my links list on the EPC I raised the same concerns. I was assured that my suggestions would be accepted without question. If the EPC refuses a blog that I recommend (which would surprise both of us, I'm sure) they would take responsibility for this decision; but the link would remain on my list.

What you are noticing, Tim, is that the EPC requested that I alphabetize my list, which I did. It took me many hours, and it is a change long overdue. I only removed one link, and that was Nick Moudry, because there were no posts since mid-September. If Nick Moudry starts posting, he's back!