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Thursday, October 16

Right now, wherever he is, Jim Berhle is chattering his head off, he's so happy. Boston ahead 3-0!

Yankee rally fails at the bottom of the seventh inning. I bet there is
one happy Monkey.
As I write this post, another home run for the Sox!

What a game! Jim and I
should be audblogging this one!
Yankees rally in the 8th inning!
Tie game.

Bottom of the tenth inning.
Tie game.
Jim Berhle's Famous Monkey
will not appear on my screen.

We're into the 11th inning.
Tie score. The crowds are roaring!
This is no time to Monkey
around, Red Sox.
Go, Yankees!

Top of the 11th inning.
12:10 a.m.
"This will be pitch #40
for Mariano Rivera"
1 out.

3 shut-out innings for
Mariano Rivera. On to
bottom of the 11th.
Yankees at bat.

Home run!
Yankees win.
Sorry, Jim

Better luck next year!

First game of the world
series: Yankees vs Marlins.
Saturday night.