Distribution Automatique

Thursday, October 2



Previous thought: "Empire Boulevard."
Or how about "experimental" thought.
Wrong. The figurative meaning. Quarantine.
The shape of thought to come. Lucrative.
Bank president. Amiable. Not only
the function of the comma. Minor. Only
the function of the comma. Il n'existe pas
the comma. It comes between
place that were heretofore
not exact. Maybe all those are before
thoughts. 1, 2, 3. The comma maybe just
separates numbers. The tone falls. It is
autumn. Absolute September.
What I'm getting at is. Approximation
in a hurry. Then a big stop.
Literature ultimately. The hand
grew out of the arm. But since he
claims I go on to him here
the voice falls, dolphin
speaking to him in Front
of a background of waves.
Days. Roundabout. But
if you disappears. Baby I
them the photograph,
the photograph. Brontosaurus.
Flash and, with that phrase:
history, histology, fissures
token a list. Hieroglyphic
heretofore. Spliced
airplane in. Whatever
the. 20 minutes. No
longer than that
telephone call. You know
uh huh. You were
there for that. Backing
into, horizon horizontal. Al
with a big
slap on the back. Bar
mitzvah. Brother,
But you were there for that
backing out . Just in time.
No, not withdrawal
actually affirmative. A big
smile warms you up.
Arbitrarily adding you.
For that it
folds one moment.
Explosion equals.
Stamps, Implosion.
So, enigma (strings)
you can use words
on target. Plasma.
But still that was
an illusion. Multiplication
chimera. So many
almost accurate.
Remember that?
Glissandos. Words.
An allusion. Exact.
Still there were
words for the
punctuation. Mountainous
region. Reason. At
length. Just an amount of
time and rain. Lagoon.
An on rush. I was
with the
shaman. 1950's
South American. Dashes
represented the part
the space between
words and the
thoughts didn't
I didn't...