Distribution Automatique

Saturday, October 4


Large print into smaller and smaller print=
significant into less and less significant. Mallarme-
different types of print set in varied ways on and
around the surface of the page. Find the intuitive,
the prophetic in the specific details. Maybe it will
smell (for example) like very old paper. So, this
poem composed of large type and then smaller and
smaller type, like a newspaper with large type and
smaller and smaller type restores some of the powers of
the pictographic aspect of language. Speculation:
that the combinatory aspects of the
inguistic and sensory stimuli of experience
can point to a field of untapped or less
tapped resources that could be a source of
a tremendous release of energy. It's possible
that this "resounding" meaning merely indicates
that something is "more" for now only because
it is an emphasis not yet exhausted by
experience. In this sense, boredom with something
more indicates that its power to stimulate is
over for *now*, it isn't necessarily a comment
on the limits of its usefulness. Time=timing.
In this sense, what we experience as time
may be a kind of "space" for the changing
of a choice of materials. Substance accumulates
differently thru knowledge.

One parameter: simulaneity of already combined experiences
another parameter: an individual sensory experience
(duration of one sensory experience)