Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, September 30

Congratulations to Ernesto Priego,
whose blog is Never Neutral,
for recently winning an award, in what appears
to have been a fierce competition. I'm a
faithful reader of Ernesto's
blog and recommend that you read his moving and
open revelations about his ambivalences. The same
for Chris Lott's
recent posts.

I find it fascinating and exhilirating when
writers have the courage to be open
about their feelings about their experiences
as writers. When they do so,
I want to get to know them better and to
know their work better. How is this different
from "confessional" writing? For one thing,
bloggers invite reader response and interaction
which means they prefer to connect with others
rather focussing on being or feeling special,
which frequently leads to little more
than feeling and being isolated.