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Sunday, August 24


"It is a metaphysical truth that
all nature would begin
to lament if it were endowed with

Walter Benjamin
"On Language as Such and in the
Language of Man" 9p. 329- Reflections)


A fictional interview.


Nothing you read gets you any closer
to what you want to think about in
terms of content. You read in order to
provoke in yourself a kind of momentum
towards obtaining thought in a certain
key or intensity. In a reverse algebra,
the intensity then corresponds to the
range of repressed priorities that are otherwise
hidden so they may grow undisturbed by
the swirl of surrounding external impingements. That
the reading itself is every bit as absorbing
nonetheless only serves to bring home
the fact that what attunes us is
equal in importance to what we are
led to by means of an intensified awareness.


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