Distribution Automatique

Sunday, August 24


Mutual attraction
magnetic poles

positive negative

(earlier: In the Shadows of English
for the automatic
speaking piece) This kind of recitation
borrows some of the words from ideas
felt seismographically from waves of
effect stemming partly from the future.

The automaticity puts the intentions
in the direction of releasing energies
more for the purpose of investigation than for
directing them. Bernard Witte
quotes Walter Benjamin that the
writing of prose is done in sections:the
musical, the achitectonic and the textural.
That this sequence can be more
efficiently done in writing
rather than in speaking is due
in part to social rituals.
These rituals make certain very
powerful expectatations known to
those who exchange words. Words
re-enacted from a written text
follow the patterns of expectation inherent in
the act of making rules, laws
and prohibitions. When people
gather for scientific or
therapeutic purposes, for example,
the statements on the whole are
consciously directed towards the
unfolding of ideas in
a highly ordered, coherent


The sense of English being espoused
is not only the language but the
subject of English.

We should learn to to combine
as much for our differences as our