Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, June 4


You need
A clock
That ticks
Not too loud
Not too soft

Finally words are peeling away from the
first level of thinking Don't put up with
this, or pull up, push-pull, don't stop.
(So far the tick-ticking is not tick-toc.
It's tick-tick,which is faster). I don't
mean to hurry you, but the urgency to blend this
set of words quickly by means of some interior
measure, some infernal automatic metronome
that beat-beats its words at me as
impeccably as a clock. No, that's not fair,
there couldn't be time for all this foolishness
between two beats of a chime, between two
clumsy bongs.

May be an apprehension of scale. A small
bang to measure a big bang by an every bigger
bigger bang.

Human, a human alive and moving, things
must be at hand. And if everything is done
to make this be, if there is an illusion of
free-float based on this then it may be
possible to *hurtle forward* into a different
time zone by means of the same maneuver
mentally that before would have led
to falling or a feal of falling (failing)

Sometimes somebody shows up here I
recognize- a part of myself also summoned forth.
Why be reticent about this?

9/30 Titles are self-commands.
You can take a test. Give yourself
your own exam. then grade it and
take it again, etc.