Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, June 3


Lately, out of nowhere, I will get a distinct feeling of one aspect of my identity as it was experienced during various periods of my life.

A simple sketch,

The syntax (sin tax) is the price we pay for sense (cents)

Description- in order to eat, in a restaurant, we must name the food. Thus the marketplace is completely composed of descriptions, while the identity is composed of perceptual matrices.

The attempt to mimic identity through descriptions is the central fraud of neurosis and literature. This use of literature is transferential in nature. The automatism of identity creation, beginning with dramatic literature and continuing through novel writing is the very automatism from which escape was sought through automatic writing and Dada creations.

The error of generational opposition- is that it does not go back (or enough.) We are as yet reacting to the confines of the conventions remaining from the literature of hierarchical forms. These, which have remained as forms of nostalgia, reflect an -accumulated- horror which is ever inceasing with the passage of time. The horror of Kafka's "Harrow" is paralelled by Hitler.

Mime is infantile, childish.The theatre of the imitation of (material) physical existence is in its nature athletic and related to the Roman Circus. Until it is replaced by the theatre of ideas, it will be embattled, as it is situated in the remorseless war machine of an obsessional counter-phobic reaction to the fact of death.


In writing the passages on 12/13/84 I realized the "Pongeian" reversal effect for the first time. Poetics is the discovery of the possibilities of this reversal, in Ponge. It is a question of actualities.

Identity and stasis.


I was looking at the word metapsychology and "saw" the word morphology. This experience captures the essence of what I am now understanding.