Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, June 3


And his feet show it, they're longfellows. Square root to Square Garden. All the pages stages and strut and statues, squares and hippies. Ha-ha. Remember to forget here. It's hour upon the square, C squared or Not c-squared, that is the question. Whether 'ts automatic is not the question, facts pile up while attention drifts. Lesson by lesson, play by play, the our is wonton- who else would care? Finally leading us back to the essential drift- partial sentences, an all purpose plan, partly gesture, could all remain.

Sam's the man! "words were what were whole," bachelor of arts, android. Babbler of hearts, Hamlet, ham lloyd, Lennie the gimp.

Later...Mainly interested in actions we can repeat, we forget the rest, the one (at a) time numbers. Again and again, that's the ticket, this time without an accent. "Say it again," I said to my father and he mimicked me, it must have drove him crazy, if I were hard to train. There anyway, in between, froze me out of time. Taking it all back- not such a big bet, a safe cause, we pass it on (and out).

Pavorotti listens to the orchestra and the orchestra listens to him. Ron made everything o.k. A message from T. At long last, reminding myself again and again, every moment, check them all once or twice. Over instrumentalized, a box of chocolates, a bored soprano. Each reflected in all the faces of a pen, picture a signpost full of hieroglyphs, structuralistsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Scurrying all over the Westside Wall of Words. Women are very very special in all of this, a valentine, I love you too. Now back to my philosophical musings, which, at that one furious moment if I look too closely, I won't say it *I was bored*! This was *horrible* like fading

Star Trek completely dependent on phoney vacuum cleanersxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Commenting is contextualizing is seeing---------------------------------------------


(Counting is contextualizing)



Counting is




Then -------------------text I wrote this----------------------text

Maybe I shouldn't publish this kind of thing

-------------------Before by N.Piombino--------------------------