Distribution Automatique

Monday, June 9


hurry, to slur. Not
enough time to compose
a vast lie only time
to contrive loitering
for a time around an
opening. Critics are needed
to differentiate, a
force for change. Launches
an unlistenable diatribe
(all hell breaks loose
in a whisper). to
embed, or notice. That
was directly autobiographical,
a misstatement. Never
enough of anything,
let alone appreciation,
in quotes. Had preserved
a space to introduce
an Underwood (underwouldn't)
can resist a pun, is
fun. Outside Atlantic.
Atlantic City is a code.
The waves create a
mystique. I'm (plausible).
They (some) separate themselves.
Is a kind of scrolling
web sites and reverse, play
it again Sam Daniels. Whose
middle age? A juxtaposition
an ascension. Capitalize
on want, gesturing change.
A industry, industrious at
far and by repetition. This
copy (un(scrolls forward
and backwards in reverse.
The min(ed) uncovers
itself retro progressively
curling up. inside its
travesties. Put that on
hold. Transvestites,
reader and writer,
dressing, addressing, undressing,
progressing (a dirty word).
Try not to get annoyed,
listening for mistakes
(resonances). Another
name for memories.
Yes, this was to be
recognized as a kind
of automatic manufacture
as well. Phrases
that warm, a
pestilence to cool.
Out of Africa, a
way of effacing lack
of reciprocity, in
conversation, polylogue
or monologue,
*not* with a standing.
Fatuous, fractions,
reflections, confessions.
Aspects of the not so novel.
What else is new? Speaking
in sponge, an entire
poetics created out of
a perverse subversion of
revision. Reveals universal
reversions. Reviling, reveling,
revealing. Something understood
is tucked between, is stuffed
within, tied in , sandwiched
in the corners. Sven
struggles -I don't know him.
What am I? "Freudian
Solipsism’s" a makeshift
enterprise in N. This slips.
Out of the- murky, foggy,
cadences. Stop and another
word will start. To be
continued like a ladder,
"take me to your ladder,
I'll see your leader later,"
latitudes, attitudes, rain.