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Sunday, June 8


Confirmation of experience is intertwined with the experience of identity. If my perceptions are not confirmed by others, I may doubt the organizing matrix itself (the self).This is partly why I have posited the use of the concept of identity to signify the part of the self that is less available for interaction. It may be speculated that our sense of the creative individual being a more powerful "identity" has to do with such a person more closely connecting the flow of experience with the "non-confirmed" identity. Under ordinary circumstances the two functions, that of confirmation of perceptions and the originating of perceptions are split.

Don't forget the quote on Japanese production.


*Syntactical forms*- *models of mind*-

To ask where I fit in is to ask, where do my thoughts fit in? I look out upon the urban landscape. The vertical and the horizontal forms seem to box in my thoughts. Syntactical forms, models of mind. Micro-intervals, macro-intervals. I've tried to box in my thoughts, give them a form, take the fragmentary insights and build them into a whole.


Roll A-
Sam, collage photos, close-up
N Truro of sand
Take heart, take heed, look within, look without. We shuttle back and forth, searching for a unifying constant, for the place where the self fits in.

If the mind goes elsewhere, where am I but to go with it?


The psychological issue of asking. Why we don't ask-
what makes us ask?

By returning meaning to its primary forms such as letters
we unearth the exact domain which constitutes the heart.

The other side of not asking is the right to refuse,
which is to choose, which ultimately relates to the aesthetic,
discriminating function. The dimensions "when" and "where"
become the obsessive "if," that is, if there is "if"
then there is "if not" and a story begins which
is transformed into the measurement of time.


Ron Silliman- my writing=my writing-
Resembles Derrida's "trace" except that
this presentation is tautological and
paradoxically pragmatic.