Distribution Automatique

Sunday, June 8


If the quest is a question
then the question is a quest.

Things resting in their place.
trying too hard to understand
something that may not
be worth it. The effort of
understanding this issue is often one
of an appropriate time or place.

The process in and of and
for itself.

A question of where and how to
let thoughts fit in comfortably.

What opens it up and
what closes it. What is an
infringement on what. With a
bang or a whimper. Like a
conversation or a dialogue.
Things feed into it or
don't. Otherwise, they rest.
Noticing the small detail.
Richard Tuttle said something
about optimism. The rage,
the fury .Let it slide.
They devote themselves. A
talon. Swept in quotes.
Don't make the difficult
impossible. Who says you
can't. Slides in.

Elaboration. At least this
one. They corner it, splicing
the vastness. Or a blessing
in disguise, a bless in
disguise takes time. After
the fact. More ways than
"in more ways than one."
They should. Or should
they? Even a reverse
is more than one thing,
getting upon and making
(creating) them in disguise.
Singing or (sing-ing) singing a planet.
How to pronounce it-
who leads?- or make
something to understand.
Under a narrowing...
tendency. Or can make
it up (create with) by
and for. At last, at

Quarters, folded.
A siren- attention to the
police. Cleaning it up,
clearing it up.. They
cause, or create a
tendency, a destiny, a
destination. It was, to
someone cleared it up. Devil's
erasing the crime, the comma
a copy, a retroforce in
will. Stay alive. Can
measure. Up to a force,
another kind of connective.
Just start and don't stop.
Conjunctions, ampersands,
a full stop. the rhythmic
gestation. Land, ahoy.
Name of a detective,
reflection of a game. The
narrative stretches in.
So between, alright of
(for)a game. Evidence,
or shards, applause or a
cause, sandwiched between
the present and the past.
Pieces of evidence to lead
One on, on, from writer to
reader. Under suspicion,
under assumption-some
pressure, not too much
or too little. A slight
bit of permission.