Distribution Automatique

Monday, April 28

Something is lost about time from moment to moment. Perhaps true time travel is cracking the secret of the link between moments, the interval.
Waiting has a particular quality, for example. Feelings seem to have a certain duration.
Thoughts have a very special secretness and privateness. This is part of the secret of the interval. Who has not savored and thoroughly appreciated a lucious daydream that no one else may ever know - and may be repeated. No one can take these away, even from a madman, or a man asleep. It has been said that even the dead have their dreams. No one alive willl ever know, and the dead won't remember.
Young people like to laugh, but older people appreciate both the value and the duration of cynicism. Like every form of bravado, its efficacy is short-lived. Love of life- vibrance, warmth- are more lasting and responsive to the daily demands for effort and spontaneity.