Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, April 30

Device: imagine each line separately- as if hearing them in a foreign language.- This is what I meant by the title "Translation Sans Original."
Another "subject to change." The moment I declare anything I'm already breathing in the heady element of spontaneity. I'm "holding the floor" and now I can "go where I want with it." Of course, this freedom is much more apparent than real. A fascinating, thorough and profound documentation of this fact can be found in the books of Erving Goffman.

1) Imagine each line separately as if hearing it in a foreign language.
2) Translate from teh French, lets say, into English- or an "imaginary" French.

Later: Not a "plenitude of reasons/things but a single reason/thing.

Improvisation- as in the example of the conquering Spanish- arises often from a risky or unfamiliar situation being taken on. A kind of artificial sense of improvisation can be evoked by treating a familiar situation as if it were an unfamiliar situation. "Procrastination is the poetry of our lives" is also partially because to procrastinate a repetitive task is to then force yourself into an improvisatory situation when it could have been a prepared situation. this might have been as much a part of the aesthetic aspect of the psychoanalytic situation as it is of the scientific one.

For 1991- one notebook. And thereafter, one notebook at a time. the two times before that I've been workikng in multiple notebooks were periods of confusion. This *includes* poetry. The "scrapbook" didn't work out either.There should be a separate small reminder book- not the electronic lists reminders. This should also be spiral ringed.