Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, April 29

Even though Stephanie Young's poem postcards sent to me got misdirected because she dropped one digit off the address, somehow I am sure the whole thing is my fault. I'm not saying this to be "charming," accomodating or self-effacing. I am quite literally sure it is my fault.
She's right, though, about why the cards got lost. Because Stephanie put the right zip code on the cards some wonderful, conscientious post office person actually tracked me down at my address on the same avenue (West End Avenue).Stephanie wrote 68, but the address is 680. The postal employee actually wrote in the "0" and you can see that it is squeezed in in a different hand. I called the postoffice today and they said there's a good chance more will come through! And she spoke with her supervisor and said I could call back on Friday. Hang in there, Stephanie, we'll get this book together yet!