Distribution Automatique

Thursday, March 6

Time travel as a theme in psychoanalysis. Time travel may also be understood as a mode of relating to time differently. In contemporary life we are so frequently rushed and then slowed down so that time as it exists no longer feels like it fits, like a garment that is either too tight or too loose. Persistent time disorientation can be either very stimulating or very boring. To the extent that poetry or poetics is prophetic it can offer a species of time travel. The timelessness of certain works- Blake's -Marriage of Heaven and Hell- or -Hamlet-. Their being able to typify certain states of mind that have been emerging over time.

Life: once you see it for what it actually is, you find it is actually a lot but for a tremendously brief period of time.

"What's that you say? Consecutive fifths and octaves are forbidden, why? Parallel movement is condemned...by what pray?" (Debussy, when a student at the music conservatory, as quoted by Valles)

"Ah, the delicious aura of vague ideas slowly growing clear, only to melt into another reverie,another dream."

"You pompous poseurs that answer to the name 'avant-garde!'"

"Deliriously happy paging through phrase after phrase of his songs.."