Distribution Automatique

Saturday, March 8

-In Memory of Truth- a new installation by Ligorano/Reese went on view tonight, at eyewash @ Monk Gallery, 301 Bedford Avenue (Bedford & S. 1st St, Brooklyn.718-782-2458) Nora Ligorano decided she wanted to see a video screened on the head of a pin and asked her partner Marshall Reese if he could do it. The result is one of the most exciting installations yet from this dynamic duo. The optical device looks like a giant microscope and when you look into it through a magnifier you see a number of films collaged together screened on the tiny plastic head of a pin! Most of the films are early war films. The installation also included a large digital wall photo of Bush at the moment he was told of 9/11 by Andrew Card. All of Ligorano/Reese’s work contain powerful, very witty political messages and often operate on a subtle subliminal level.

A recent project of Ligorano/Reese consisted of a John Ashcroft snow globe. Although obviously the piece was meant as a parody, Ashcroft or some of his friends were charmed and bought some of the snow globes. Ashcroft was given one as a gift and evidently he displayed it proudly. The whole episode was detailed in a recent issue of the New Yorker.

Other recent works of Ligorano/Reese include "Turning Leaves of Mind," (Granary) an artists' book collaboration with the poet Gerrit Lansing and "Breakfast of Champions" a 1991 piece about Desert Storm, exhlbited in the recent "Critical Consumption" show at the Rotunda Gallery in Brooklyn.

For more information on Ligorano/Reese visit their website at www.pureproductusa.com