Distribution Automatique

Thursday, March 27

Jordan Davis called the blogger attendance roll at about 10:00 this morning finding all of us a.w.o.l. The thing is, I think at least one of us may have been somewhere in the Rock a feller area lying down on the street about 8:00 am. By now she may be getting fingerprinted in the labyrinths of the New York criminal justice system. I'll let her report her own scoop so mums the word.

My only excuse is that I was at the gym running the 31/2 miles I used to do every three or four days until I fell in head over heels in love with that mysteriously magnetic siren Ms Blogga , who calls to me heart and soul 24/7. Sometimes I do a few other things, but she's forever there and I'm rarely more than a thought away from her waiting...uh...screen.