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Monday, March 24

During the Oscars I wrote to Herberto Yepez to mention the Michael Moore speech contra Bush and his Iraq slaughter.
He wrote back to me to say he was writing about the Oscar ceremonies for his blog. He wrote:

"After the MX Actor a second speech against the war took place. The filmmaker Michael Moore started saying “We like non-fiction”.

‘I like documentaries, because I like non-fiction... In a country where an election is a fiction… fictitious president... and is going to war for fictitious reasons... We opposed this war… shame on you Mr. President.. your time is up!’"

I have written to Herberto to ask him for permission to publish his letter to me. He feels that writers here could be doing more to oppose the war, especially experimental writers, specifically the Language writers. This is a worthy challenge and I hope we will succeed in meeting it. To view Heriberto Yepez' blog "The Tijuana Bible of Poetics" go to the links on your left. Also Raed, the Baghdad blogger is back! He got so many hits his server got jammed! How about that? Go, bloggers!

"The Pianist" winning three oscars is a fine thing too. Anti-war efforts got some major prime time yesterday, giving us a little relief from the misery of the past few days.

One day Toni and I ran into Michael Moore outside Border's Books in Manhattan shortly before "Bowling for Columbine" was released. Toni said: "Michael Moore for President." He laughed and said, "Don't say that!" But his speech on the Academy Awards made us feel proud and a little hopeful. Go, Michael Moore! If you haven't seen "Bowling for Columbine" or read "Stupid White Men" check out the bravest and brightest mind in Us and Only US-land.