Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, March 25

Can't resist recounting a most rewarding early evening walk through blogland park today. Wow! Stephanie Young zooms in close on protest vomit and a handy 1998 issue of Sufur, a charming David Hess poem concerns a bookcase with a mind of its own, Josh Corey quotes from "The House Was Quiet and The World Was Calm," Ron Silliman remembers Larry Eigner, Nada Gordon's 3/16 peace convergence poster list tickles the war gloom spot, Anastasios Kolaitis serves up the full text of a Frank Rich classic essay on "Chicago," Jordan Davis entices his enraptured readers one poetic step closer to never again associating the word "million" with money and burgers, Eileen Tabios comes through with a mini- review of his new Faux Press "Million Poems" book, Jonathan Mayhew weighs in on "the human," and Jack Kimball recounts a new Beat (Maggie Zurawski) chicken dance. Links to your left, please.