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Tuesday, July 24

Oh, What A Loverly Bunch of Coconuts

Coconut #9


Adam Fieled, has guest edited OCHO 11/LuLu, a print poetry magazine produced by Didi Menendez of Mipoesias fame. Adam opens the issue with a sharp and touching introduction, which sets the tone for the entire issue: "This poetry is a tough gig, isn't it? We don't do it to become celebrities, because the machinery is not there to turn us into celebrities. I would like to think that the reasons for pursuing this ancient, contemporary, always relevant art form are spiritual." Read the whole introduction, and some of the poetry, and do consider purchasing it, by clicking on "preview this book" on the LuLu link above. The work in the issue matches the promises and premises of the introduction. There is an overall quality to this charming collection that has entirely its own character: not flip, not pretentious, not "different": merely and wholly pleasurable, considered, insightful, lyrical, imagistic, and, in that sense completely personal, present and absorbing. Check out the lovely cover by Hector Milia on the LuLu page, and click "preview this page" to look at the contents. Again: OCHO 11/LuLu.