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Saturday, May 12

On My Desk

Mark Young, *Falsely Goethe*, Otoliths, 2007

"Day seventy-four

Today the
postman brought
me John Cage's
*X, writings
'79-82.* I went
to sign my
name. "Already
done," he said. "Seen
one X, seen them
all." I watched
the postman until
he went around
the corner. Took
him four minutes
& thirty-three
seconds. I stood
silent. He kept


In 1982 I went to a book signing for John Cage's *X writings.* Cage signed the book for me and said he was double signing it (meaning he signed over his own signaature) because then it would be worth more. Cage was not only brilliant and productive, but kind.


*Franz Kafka: The Zurau Aphorisms* with an introduction and afterword by Roberto Calasso*, Schocken

"All human errors stem from impatience, a premature breaking off of a methodical approach, an ostensible pinning down of an ostensible object."


"From a certain point on there is no turnng back. This is the point that must be reached."


"The spirit only becomes free at the point when it ceases to be invoked as a support."