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Friday, April 27

To Go Against

Ernesto Priego (Never Neutal) continues the discussion Tom Beckett began with his Burning Bridges Post on Soluble Census


Enthusiastic response from Allen Bramhall

for Tom Beckett's recent poetry and interview collections Tributary

and from Crag Hill for the Interview Anthology- whose interview opened up Beckett's interview series (includes a screen shot of the Interview Anthology cover) Poetry Scorecard

Mark Young and Tom Beckett are planning further anthologies of Tom Beckett's ongoing interview project- from Otoliths Books


Charles Baudelaire

from "Mon Coeur Mis a Nu"

"*Hygiene.- Projets*- Plus on veut, mieux on veut. Plus on travaille, mieux on travaille et plus on veut travailer.
Plus on produit, plus on devient fecond.
Apres un debauche, on se sent toujours plus seul, plus abondonee
Au moral comme au physique, j'ai toujours eu la sensation du gouffre, non seulement du grouffre du sommeil, mais du gouffre de l'action, du reve, du souvenir, du desir, du regret, du remords, du beau, du nombre, etc..."

from *My Heart Laid Bare"
"Discipline. Plans.* The more one wills, the better one wills.
The more one works, the better one works and the more one wants to work.
The more one produces, the more fertile one becomes.
After a debauch, one feels more alone, the more deserted.
Morally and physically, I have always had a sense of the abyss, not only the abyss of sleep, but the abyss of action, dream, memory, desires, regret, remorse, the abyss of the beautiful, of number, and so on..."