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Monday, April 23

Nobody Knows The Truffles I've Seen

We are honored and delighted to announce
a mini-review of fait accompli, the book, is just out from Sharon Mesmer.

Virgin Formica



If you speak in a voice too low no one will hear you. If you speak in one too loud no one will listen. If you say too little no one will understand. If you say too much, no one will care to understand.


As with everything else of significance, happiness must be pieced together gradually, like a jig-saw puzzle- only to be pulled apart and put together again and again.


On My Desk

*E-x-c-h-a-n-g-e-V-a-l-u-e-s The First XI Interviews*, curated By Tom Beckett

Otoliths Books

From the Jean Vengua interview with Tom Beckett:

"I don't have a clear sense of my poetics, other than what I discover from the conversation of poetry that I'm engaged in.I'm constantly escaping my own grasp. Maybe the names of the crossroads are the One and the Other, in the sense that, when I write, I can sometimes thankfully shed my own skin and become the other. Who am I today? What road will I take? And whose road is it? Is it a private, or a public road, and do I feel like trespassing today?

I guess I'm an escape artist at heart. I don't like being pinned down.

On the other hand, I'm always reeling myself in to face the political, the material contexts in which I exist. So maybe you could say that my poetics, as it is, rather than what I want it to be, is sort of impossibly torn, between wanting to cast myself out into the ether as far as possible, yet wanting, needing, to be fully participant in society, making a difference with my language, or hoping, at least, that that is possible."

Each interviewee is represented by a selection of their work.

from AND CALLED IT MILK by Thomes Fink

"Count it Higher has a boring face
He's fascinating
he doesn't talk.

I take care of that
by making his good-boy life
as it bubbles along my video.

His face started to cry
when I gave him candy.

Candy's like a mommy without a brain..."