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Friday, April 6

The Last Novel

David Markson's newest book, *The Last Novel* is just out from Shoemaker Hoard. Except for a few hours work, and dinner, I was unable to close this book, yesterday, the same day I purchased it, until the last word. It is unquestionably one of Markson's greatest works, an incandescent, elegiac, gnomic masterpiece, satirically and hilariously critical of human stupidity and cruelty, yet passionately, reverently and knowledgeably reflective of human brilliance and accomplishment throughout history. His other works include *Wittgenstein's Mistress*, *Reader's Block* and *This is Not a Novel*.

A few tidbits:

"He who writes artistically dies without recognition or reward.
Complained Lope de Vega- in 1609"

"Our father who art in heaven/Stay there.
Requested Jacques Prevert."

"I am no Einstein.
Once said Einstein."

"It's later than you know.
Printed Baudelaire on the face of his clock- after having broken off its hands."